Month: March 2023


THE-ICONOMIST is an ongoing research project, an artist’s magazine, an observatory and a post-internet collective founded in 2021




THE ICONOMIST is an ongoing research project, an artist’s magazine, an observatory, an institution, and a post-digital collective founded in 2021


What is an iconomist? The element “icon” comes from the Greek Εικόνα and means “image”. In its origin, therefore, iconomy is the art of managing images. Today it is the science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of images. The iconomist treats images as mass, raw material, and can either give value to rotten images or



White flash or mood disorder (Entryways), 2023Digital collages, 1387x200px each.

unlock Life (leaving a mark that destroys), 2023

Unlock Life (Leaving a mark that destroys), 2023Digital collage.


Nº 3 — To catalogue. Introducing THE ICONOMIST’s latest thematic dossier. This edition takes inspiration from art magazines and catalogues to curate a collection of images that provoke and question our relationship with artwork documentation in the age of artificial intelligence. All the clichés of the art world are represented, the artist’s studio, the the the_iconomist_issue3


44 pages, 21x28cm, saddle-stitch binding, with shipping worldwide. Buy in print  Download PDF